What is church membership?

Membership, simply stated, is a commitment. It’s a commitment between an individual Christian and a local church. On the church’s end, it’s a commitment to oversee an individual’s discipleship process. On the individual’s end, it’s a commitment to live as a disciple of Jesus under the care of the church.

Why church membership?

While all Christians are members of the Universal Church from the moment Jesus rescued them (1 Corinthians12:13), we believe that individual Christians are called to commit themselves to a local church. We see local churches throughout Scripture. Many of the New Testament books (Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, etc.) are letters written to individual, local churches. So why did God establish His Church this way, and why commit to membership at a local church? It is not uncommon for believers to circulate from church to church searching their entire lives. Some people end up attending a church for decades without really committing to and becoming a part of it. We believe living that way only hurts the individual and can stunt their growth as a disciple of Jesus. To us, church membership is much more than weekly attendance, participation in activities, or giving.

Membership Class

As you consider becoming a member of Severn Covenant Church, we offer a class that covers an overview of church membership, our vision, mission, basic beliefs and theological distinctives. It also offers an opportunity to meet key leaders in the church and find venues for personal involvement. We want you to know exactly what it means to join before asking you to make a decision.