Everyone enjoys a good epic; the thread of a story that traces the steps of a heroic, death-defying rescue in the face of what seem to be impossible circumstances.  In the metanarrative of history, Jesus is that hero. 
The difficult nature of our lives emerges as we navigate the challenges of broken relationships, loss, and conflict. However, through Jesus, God redeems our lives and threads us into a new life marked by hope, forgiveness, and reconciliation. Despite the circumstances of life and how imperfect and painful they may be, the Bible promises that Jesus loves, has good plans for, and will ultimately bring healing to us.  In other words, Jesus is welcoming us into His family and threading us into the metanarrative of history. 

Each week, we hear wonderful stories of Jesus’ work in changing lives at Severn Covenant Church. These stories are testaments to the truth that Jesus is the hero of this world and of our lives.