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SEVERN, MD 21144

One of the things we love about Jesus is how generous he is toward people.  In everything he did, it’s clear that Jesus was always thinking of others.  It is his approach to people that ultimately gives us the freedom to be generous toward others by serving like Jesus.  
For months, we have been closely monitoring how COVID-19 has impacted people right in our community.  One thing we’ve learned is that demand for food and other essential items has  drastically increased.  In response to the challenges that people in our community are facing, we have partnered with the LOVE AACOAnne Arundel County Food Bank, and the Anne Arundel County Partnership for Children, Youth and Families to host Pop-Up Pantries. 
Here is how you can serve like Jesus and help us ensure that the people in our community have access to the food and other essential items they need right now.  
In order to create a safe, welcoming experience for our volunteers and people from our community, it’s important that we have a setup that honors social distancing, safe food handling, and other safety guidelines.  Volunteers will setup tables, organize and prepare food and other essential items for distribution to people in our community. 
This is an opportunity for people of all ages to assist people from our community by distributing food and other essential items.  This will include, carrying and loading items in vehicles, organizing food and other essential items, directing the flow of people and cars, and other tasks that contribute to creating a safe and welcoming experience for everyone.  Shift 2 volunteers will be responsible for closing the Pop Up Pantry and storing all supplies, food and essential items. 
Can’t serve? No worries.  You can support the Pop-Up Pantry campaign and other ways our church is serving like Jesus through the pandemic by making a donation to our Help Fund.  Did you know that a donation of $50.00 can help provide a week’s worth of groceries for a family right in our community?      
Because our top priority is your safety and the safety of others,
  1. You feel sick with any symptoms associated with COVID-19
  2. You have been in contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 14 days
  3. You have traveled outside the United States or on a cruise ship in the last 14 days
  4. You are considered high risk for contracting COVID-19
  5. If any of items 1 – 4 apply to someone in your immediate household