In one of the most iconic moments of Jesus’ life, he told his friends about the key to living a fulfilling life.  Contrary to what we think would produce a fulfilling life, Jesus tells his followers that whoever wants to be great must become a servant. This is exactly what Jesus came to do.  From start to finish, Jesus’ entire life was about serving others.  What we learn from Jesus is that something powerful happens when people stop living for themselves and start living for others.  
SERVE WEEK is all about providing you with an opportunity to serve like Jesus. We’ve got opportunities for people of all ages and stages of life. As you explore the options, we have 3 hopes for you. First, we hope you find a serve opportunity that fits your passions, gifts, and abilities. Secondly, we hope that as you take a step of faith during Serve Week, you discover that serving like Jesus is more fulfilling than you ever imagined. Thirdly, we hope that you make a connection with one of our local partners that leads you to deeper involvement in our community.