SEVERN KiDS is a program designed to inspire and equip children 18 months through 5th grade to love God, grow together, and serve the community. 


SEVERN KiDS is committed to work in partnership with parents/guardians of children age 18 months to 5th grade.  From the large group experiences to the small group discussions and activities, each component of SEVERN KiDS is geared around providing developmentally-appropriate experiences that exemplify our love for God and people.

Our PRESCHOOL-K environments are designed with children age 18 months to kindergarten in mind.  We know things can be busy at this stage of life because of children in this age range are growing and learning in amazing ways.  Our team is ready to deliver an active, hands-on approach that includes, singing, dancing, crafts and games that will help your child learn more about how God made them and loves them.
1st-5th GRADE
From the large group experiences, to the small group discussions, to the games and activities, our 1st-5th GRADE environments are designed to help elementary-aged children develop their love for God and establish positive relationships that will last.  It is for reasons like these that our leaders are committed to serving at the same service every Sunday. We encourage parents/guardians to help create a consistent experience for their child(ren) by attending the same service each week. Our leaders cannot wait to meet you and your child(ren).